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Oryx World Business Centre supports Breast Cancer awareness month

OWBC Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

October isn’t just about falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes; it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At Oryx World Business Centre, we believe in using our platform to spread awareness about this critical health issue that affects millions of lives worldwide.

Understanding Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer, affecting both women and men. It occurs when cells in the breast grow uncontrollably, forming a tumor. Early detection and treatment greatly increase the chances of survival, making awareness crucial.

Risk Factors

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Family History
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Weight
  • Poor Diet
  • Alcohol consumption

The Importance of Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month serves as a reminder to prioritize regular screenings and self-examinations. It’s a time to encourage open conversations about breast health and to support those who have been affected by this disease.
As a business center committed to community welfare, Oryx World Business Centre actively participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Campaign throughout the month, whereas OWBC was adorned with pink ribbons and decors, as well as members wearing pink ribbons symbolizing our commitment to raising awareness about breast cancer.